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To mirror God’s character in the Earth;


To win the world to Christ through our words and works;


To worship the Lord through expression and lifestyle;


To teach, train, and position the believer into a place of godly influence and affluence;


To know God and to make Him known among all nations;


To demonstrate the love of Christ by our actions toward mankind;


To promote and practice at all times a lifestyle that honors God and the Christian Faith;


Always exercise and exemplify integrity and godly character


To build a Christian community that is Christ sufficient in all of its facets: spiritually, economically and educationally;


To promote and practice the purpose of Christ’s Church, which is evangelism, discipleship,

fellowship, worship and ministry.


The mission of Christian Love Fellowship Ministries International is to actively demonstrate the

love of Jesus Christ within the church, our local community and throughout the world. Our

mission is to clearly address our response, commitment and influence to the world through

evangelism, discipleship, worship, fellowship and ministry. Our responsibility is to have a

positive impact on our community; and to develop believers who know the love of Jesus Christ

that passes all understanding, that we might be filled with the fullness of God.

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